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This is the first, and probably the most important reason that you should try swallowing cum. Every guy is unique, but the majority of them all enjoy having his cum sucked. Intimacy levels and contributing elements in a relationship are up for debate.

A blowout is similar like viewing a movie. Even if he enjoys the entire performance, if it doesn’t end well, he will still feel let down when he leaves.

The finish is therefore the most crucial phase of sucking dick, and there is only one way he wants you to finish: he wants you to swallow his cum, as any oral specialist will inform you.

One of the most seductive and submissive actions you can use in bed is to swallow cum. He feels strong and is made aware of your desire for him when you gulp down his load. It’s the highest form of adoration.

Guys Love It

Do not forget that the main goal of swallowing cum is to please your man.

This is the primary and most crucial justification for trying to ingest cum. Every guy is unique, but the majority of them all enjoy having his cum sucked. Intimacy levels and contributing elements in a relationship are up for debate.

Cum swallowing is the way to go if you want your boyfriend to continue to be interested in oral sex and don’t want him to start exploring elsewhere for some BJ action. It will demonstrate to him how much you appreciate sucking his cock, and watching you ingest his come will undoubtedly enhance his orgasms.

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It Aids You in Staying Present

If you typically spit, you are already aware of how annoying it is to clean up your man’s come once he is done. One option is to spit into a tissue if one is available, or you can hurry to the restroom and spit into the sink there. Just move quickly enough to avoid tasting it first.

This works well to get rid of the cum, but it also kills the vibe and may rapidly turn hot interactions into awkward ones. Your guy might have lost interest by the time you return because you’ve been in the bathroom for the last five minutes and he’s already finished.

There is no longer a requirement for this potty break after swallowing. After your boyfriend is done, you are free to continue for as long as you like, which means you will probably have more enjoyment.

He Can Make You Sweat (Without Getting You Pregnant)

Although carrying your guy cum inside you is a very private sensation, it is essentially out of the question for couples who are attempting to prevent becoming pregnant. Using a condom prevents you from ever experiencing your partner ejaculating inside of you, which can cause relationships to become distant.

Swallowing your man’s come, though, can close this distance and make you feel more connected and personal than ever. It gives you a sense of intimacy and commitment, much like it would if he entered your vagina, because it is the closest you can safely come to having him inside you.

It can add interest to the situation

Have you ever had the impression that your sexual life is getting stale? Want to keep your partner interested by doing something novel and intriguing? Perhaps swallowing his cum will do the trick.

Your partner could like it if you surprised him by partaking of his “ultimate gift,” as for many males, where and how they finish is just as significant as the build-up.

If your partner notices your game, it can give you both the courage to do new things and spice up your sex life even more in the future. Swallowing cum is just the first step towards unleashing a raunchier and kinkier side of yourself.

Final Reflections

If you want to wow your partner, try swallowing cum at least once. It’s a fun way to liven up an oral session. Don’t overthink it, ladies; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how how enticing it may be to eat your man’s come.

We’d be interested in reading any sexy cum stories you’d want to share with us. Please feel free to email us with racy tales, advice, and queries.

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