Natural Sex Service

Natural Sex Services in Australia

Having sex without a condom is known as natural sex. And now for some explanations as to why people adore natural sex.

Sensations and hints

Some people believe that because there is only a thin coating of rubber there, their intercourse isn’t the “whole experience.” We don’t concur! Condom use during sexual activity can still be enjoyable and intimate. Yes, using a condom feels different from not using one, but not enough to prevent partners from experiencing joy or orgasm. Not all differences are negative. It can just mean that you need to develop an appreciation for a particular kind of sensation or feeling. Whether or not someone uses protection does not define their sex.


Condoms can be uncomfortable, it’s true. This can be the result of you attempting to use one that is too small for someone’s penis. However, condoms come in a variety of sizes (Large, Regular, Fitted), and these sizes vary between companies. Similar to how a medium t-shirt from one store may not fit the same as a medium t-shirt from another. Condoms aren’t necessarily pleasant for everyone’s bodies just because they *can* stretch to fit an entire arm or someone’s head. It can be beneficial to test out various brands and sizes before settling on one that works for you.

The closeness of freedom

In contrast to intercourse with a barrier, the experience of being nude is difficult to describe. But there is an undeniable tenderness to it. We experience freedom, liberation, and a closer bond when we switch from using condoms to not using them. An intense, hot breath of relief and overpowering wonder follow the initial thrust. She encircled and swallowed me as we finished off what had been developing for so long.

The layers of the sexual pleasure onion are all unwinding and melting away at the same time, creating a climax within a climax. It’s very feasible to cry happy tears. The moment’s climax, the climax of all that had led up to it, the climax of letting go of uncertainty, the climax of feeling like we’re always getting closer, the climax of connection and proximity, and much more all reach their pinnacle at once the first time we touch while naked.

Unguarded sex simply feels better

It’s incredible how a tiny point of skin-to-skin contact on one region of your body can produce such an overpowering sensation, where your mind and body are quickly both enveloped in the flames of want and sucked into the throes of passion. To be stranded in that limbic purgatory for all eternity, you pant for more breath as you push and shove closer and closer. However, nothing is ever enough, and somehow, it’s always exactly enough. This is because your lungs mimic your skin receptors in that way. It poetically describes sex in general. in a rush to reach the finish line, where it’s all finished. The enjoyment comes from pushing past the point at which the enjoyment fades. A strange limbo between the states of being “nearly there” and “just right,” and the hazy experience of both those states at once. A sort of swimming motion occurs as the parts that were intended to be together finally come together and carry out the acts they were intended to do — without interference — once the condoms are gone. You can feel the labia stretch out and grab the base of your shaft as the vagina swallows you whole after the condoms are gone.

There isn’t much in the way of revealing moments like when our genitalia eventually touch another person’s without a barrier. All of the communication occurs at that precise moment; our bodies are merely artefacts and the means by which it happened. Neurotransmitters speak the language of touch as they rush through our brains and out of our bodies.

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