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Lip Kiss Services in Australia

Your body releases a happy hormone when you kiss someone. As soon as your lips come together, a surge of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin enters your body. You’ll experience cloud nine with this uplifting beverage and a heart-fluttering kiss! One of your body’s most sensually delicate parts is your lips.

Kissing your lover feels fantastic. But according to scientists, kissing can do more than just deepen closeness and make us feel good. Science has demonstrated that kissing has numerous advantages for both mental and physical health.

Adds flavour to your relationship

During a kiss, you and your spouse are likely to exchange spit. According to scientific studies, this salivary exchange boosts dopamine, which supports romantic attachment sensations.

Being kissed naturally calms you

According to numerous studies, kissing also raises the body’s natural soothing neurotransmitter oxytocin as well as the feel-good hormones endorphins.

Your facial muscles are exercised when you kiss your companion. According to research, a kiss activates 30 facial muscles that help keep your cheeks firm.


Reduces blood pressure
Your heart rate rises during a kiss, which helps your blood vessels widen and improves blood flow. Your blood pressure drops as your blood flow rises.

Headaches and cramps during periods
According to studies, the effect of dilated blood vessels and enhanced blood flow can also aid in the relief of headaches and menstrual cramps. By reducing tension, kissing your partner may also help you avoid headaches. smooching

Increases immunity
By exposing you to new bacteria that enhance your immune system, kissing can increase immunity.

According to a study, kissing may boost a woman’s immunity to the Cytomegalovirus. Mouth-to-mouth contact is how the cytomegalovirus is spread. If the mother is a carrier when pregnant, it might result in blindness in the baby as well as other birth abnormalities.

Consumes calories
Studies show that depending on how passionately you kiss, you might burn anywhere between 2 and 26 calories each minute. This is because when you kiss, your facial muscles are being worked.

Keeps the facial muscles healthy
Your facial muscles are exercised when you kiss your companion. According to research, a kiss activates 30 facial muscles that help keep your cheeks firm.

Increases your happiness hormones
Kissing, according to researchers, causes the brain to release a combination of hormones that energises the pleasure regions. These substances include the feel-good hormones oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which heighten feelings of bonding and affection.

Lowers the stress hormone
Additionally, kissing lowers cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and may increase self-esteem.


Foreplay requires a lip kiss as a necessary component. It unlocks the door and improves your mood before moving on to the next action: SEX

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