Keeping You and Your Client Safe on Box Hill Escort Service

Providing a Box Hill Escort Service that Keeps You and Your Client Safe
Your income potential as a professional escort is essentially endless. Offer Boxhill escort services as one surefire strategy to stay ahead of the curve. It would be better if you took precautions to protect yourself from any unforeseen events while or after meeting the customer, though.


1. Use caution when sharing your address.
Unfortunately, not everyone who contacts you will turn out to be a customer. Some people only want to annoy you by making false promises. Therefore, be selective about who you disclose your physical address information to.

The following advice will help you choose which client to offer the address to:

  • To stop time wasters, demand a deposit.
  • Give the information only 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Provide clients with verbal directions to your home from a well-known location.
  • Give the address only over the phone
  • Give clients a hotel address rather than your home address.

Maintain a high standard of professionalism as you implement these suggestions. You should avoid giving the impression that you are leading the client in circles.


2. Tell your partner the location’s specifics
When providing Boxhill Incall escort services, safety comes first. To be on the safe side when meeting with a customer, it is a good idea to let your partner or agent know where you will be. In the event that something goes wrong, your companion will be able to help you or call the authorities.


3. Cash First Policy
In the Boxhill Escort Service, the cash first policy is more effective and secure. If it’s not the client’s first visit, ask them to pay in advance. When you ask for the money, be clever, inventive, and kind to avoid offending them. Confirm the amount and put it somewhere safe, ideally in a different room.

To avoid having too much cash hanging around the house, make sure to deposit the money into your bank account every week or day. As an alternative, you might buy a safe and have it professionally put in your closet or any other place in your house that the customer cannot access.


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