Pregnancy Yoga: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the Practice

Safety first, always

If you’re searching for Escorts Agency Australia pregnancy yoga, we’re going to guess you’re fit into one of three camps: Either you were a keen yogi since before bump – vibing off Vinyasa, perfecting your Pigeon pose and working on your Warriors and you really want to stick with it during pregnancy, too. Or, you’re new to yoga but want to switch up your fitness routine now that baby’s on the way. Or lastly, you’re so uncomfortable even your favourite pregnancy pillow won’t get you comfy, so you need a good stretch out.

Whichever one you resonate with, welcome! Pregnancy yoga is a fantastic way to keep mobile and active and we’re here to help you do it safely.

It needn’t be a scary prospect, as with everything it’s about truly listening to your body and Australia Escort Service doctor – understanding what’s possible and what needs to be modified while you and your pelvic floor are supporting double the load.

There’s a time and a place for everything, and in the case of trying new things or pushing yourself to your limits, pregnancy definitely is not that time. And yes, that goes for running when pregnant and pregnancy strength training, too.

Yoga teacher, Rebecca Gillam, is here to answer your pressing Escort Agency Melbourne pregnancy yoga questions. Ready? Scroll on.

A word to the wise: any doubts, worries, concerns or niggles you have must be communicated with your maternity team, midwife or doctor. They’ll be able to help you flow in the safest way possible. Even if that means stepping back, it’s always worth it to keep you and your baby happy and healthy.


4 things to know about pregnancy yoga

Melbourne CBD escorts Pregnancy yoga does what it says on the tin; it’s yoga designed with carrying a human in mind, with postures adapted to suit pregnant bodies.

As with all classes, it depends on the style of your teacher, but mostly it focuses on stretching and strengthening, connecting with your body and breath, and preparing yourself for birth.


1. It’s accessible to most abilities

It’s usually suitable for all levels of Escort Agency Box Hill yogi, from total beginner to experienced, as the focus is aiding the body and connecting with your baby as it grows.

For example, instead of standing postures, you may do them seated or with the knees on the mat — and, rather than pushing to the maximum, you’ll be encouraged to listen to your body, taking into account the hormone relaxin which will make you feel more stretchy and less stable.

What is relaxin: It’s a pregnancy hormone that causes your ligaments – the connective tissue that supports your joints – to relax. This relaxation causes joints to become looser, more mobile and can make you more prone to injury.

Whilst relaxin relaxes your muscles, ligaments and joints to prep the body for birth, it can lead to over-stretching in asana which can cause damage and pain in the long term. It’s best to stay within your pre-pregnancy range throughout your pregnancy and, ideally, for two years afterwards.

If you ensure you go to a pregnancy appropriate class, your teacher will also offer variations offered to suit different stages of pregnancy and other symptoms, like pelvic girdle pain and aches in the lower back, to ensure you’re comfortable and your baby is looked after.

Minimise breast discomfort by investing in a maternity sports bra or supportive maternity bra, too.


2. It works to strengthen and tone muscles

That’s not to say you won’t feel the classes. As well as your body getting tired more easily, the sequences (meaning a string of poses) will tone and strengthen your stomach, legs and back, but also focus more on areas like the pelvic floor to prep it for pregnancy, birth and life as a parent.

‘You’ll have an easier time delivering because yoga can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles,’ says Nicole DeAvilla, developer of the pregnancy yoga teacher training programme at California’s The Expanding Light studio. ‘People think keeping things loose makes delivery easy, but stronger muscles stretch more easily to make things go faster.’


3. A lot of it is about breathwork

There’s a big focus on Pranayama. Not familiar with the term? Fair enough. They’re yoga-based breathing techniques to help relax you and activate your parasympathetic nervous system. From Golden Thread Breath to Bhramari (Hummingbee Breath), there are many different styles of meditative breathing to dive into.


4. It takes your individual pregnancy into account

Whether your class is IRL or virtual, don’t be surprised if the teacher asks the class to introduce themselves, sharing their stage of pregnancy and what they’re experiencing. This is just so they can bear gestation and symptoms in mind throughout the class, as well as creating a community for other mothers-to-be.


Is it safe to do yoga in the first trimester?

Expert advice has been divided over the years on the safety of yoga during pregnancy but, for your first trimester, it is recommended to steer clear. Most studios wouldn’t advise people to attend until the first 12 weeks (your first trimester) have passed.


Why not?

Your focus during this period, and in fact your whole pregnancy, should be on keeping your baby safe, resting and looking after yourself, rather than getting a good workout – however much of a mental shift that may take – to create the best environment for the embryo implanting and attaching to the placenta.


So, You Want to Strength Train During Pregnancy?

Your body is adapting to hormonal changes and the foetus is developing rapidly, so you may feel nauseous or just exhausted — and listen to that, just doing what feels right and no more. If that’s just lying on the sofa, then that’s totally understandable — you’re growing a human, you’re already doing enough!

We know sitting on the sofa can be frustrating for some but remember, though a bump may not yet be visible, there’s a lot going on inside. Pregnancy hormones are helping to build the uterine lining, your blood volume is increasing and your blood pressure is changing, your muscles are relaxing and your joints are loosening.


What to do instead

The first trimester is commonly thought to be the riskiest part, so just go gently. Don’t stress yourself out and stay completely stationary in an attempt to protect your baby. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they’ll be and you’ll have to move to go about your normal day.

Try to get your daily steps in (NEAT exercise is still important) but don’t aim for an arbitrary number like your pre-pregnancy 10k. Listen to your body and adjust to what feels good in the moment.


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