This Is How Melbourne CBD Escorts Make Their Client Feel Special

The escort industry is all about pleasing the clients and giving the best experience that is worth remembering for a lifetime and our Melbourne CBD Escorts are skilled in the pleasure business. Are you an independent and/or budding escort?  Melbourne CBD Escorts will give you these tips so that you can lure customers and make them feel special without much of effort. If you learn this art and follow them religiously, get ready to receive the best reviews from your clients.

While teasing and stimulating his senses, your main aim should be to bring in butterflies in the stomach and make him go weak in his knees for you. This will give him the ultimate stimulation and pleasure and a satisfying experience. How will you do this? We’ll tell you.


Compliment Your Client A Lot
Each person has some positive attributes in their personality some could be talkative, funny, and cheerful, and some may be having nice hair, big, bold eyes, or tasteful lips. Compliment them a lot on the same. Don’t fake as they might come to know about it. Say something that looks genuine and honest.


Touch Freely
Learn the erogenous zones of a man and touch them freely. Like if you are sitting on the couch, keep your hand in between his thighs or on the shoulder. While lying on the bed, initiate contact and rub his back lightly with your fingernails. This would entice him and give a tingling effect.


Don’t Watch The Clock
The majority of the clients have often complained about this and it really pisses them off when the escorts check the time. It is ideal if you forget the time and let it fly by. Isn’t it better that your client stays 15 minutes longer than leaving 15 minutes early?


Tell Them How Special They Are 
Everyone loves flattery and what better way to impress than by telling them that they’re special? Straight away tell them how hot they are or you would always love to date that kind of guy etc. This really works. Try it yourself!


Remember Special Things About Them
If you see a client on a regular or semi-regular basis, make sure to remember their preferences ranging from their favorite drink to the kind of music or their birthday and the kind of sex they’d prefer from hard to soft to porn. This will help in personalizing your relationship with them and it will also show that you care for them.

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