Foreplay And Oral Sex Is Actually Good For Your Health?

Using your mouth, tongue and fingers to stimulate your partner’s genitals is termed as oral sex. This form of sex, which is often done as part of foreplay, is proven to be a good way to trigger sexual compatibility and discover new pleasures with your partner. Women might not like it, and men might always want to rush it. But having oral sex is proven to have several health benefits.

For instance, did you know that semen could help women fight depression, and even help in having a glowing skin? Lowering blood pressure, relieving stress and even lowering the risks of prostate cancer…all these are just a few of the instances which prove that indulging in oral sex serves as a win-win situation for both men and women.

Scroll down to read more on how the much-pleasurable yet ignored form of sex (oral sex) is actually healthy for you.

1. Helps in having a better sleep
Semen contains melatonin, a chemical that induces sleep and relaxation. Even without having an intercourse, it will enter your bloodstream and help you doze off better than usual.


2. Anti-aging
Sperm has a chemical called spermidine, which helps in ageing at a slower rate. Do not apply it in your face but just consume it. Research says that it will help you in a much better way than any other anti-ageing cream.


3. Lower risk of breast cancer
Post the age of 40, most women are prone to risks of breast cancer. A proven study claims that women who indulge in oral sex at least twice in a week have lesser chances of breast cancer than others. Semen comprises chemicals that prevent the growth of this type of cancer.


4. Improves memory
For those who suffer with constant memory loss and are too dependent on their phone reminders…guess what! Oral sex is here to your rescue. Semen has nutrients that help you function more effectively.


5. Pain relief
Semen contains oxytocin and endorphins that act as pain killers. So, the next time you experience back ache, headache, or any kind of body ache, head to your partner and please him/her for some foreplay and oral fun!

As it turns out, a man’s sperm is nothing less than magical. Oral sex doesn’t seem so bad now, right? After all, what’s better than having pleasurable oral sex which helps your health too!


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