3 Common Extra Services Melbourne Escorts Can Provide

Escorts can provide a variety of ‘extras’ to fulfil your wildest fantasies and wishes. Men who have enjoyed the company of a private escort know that ‘vanilla’ sex is not always the case. Males enjoy exploring and living out their dreams, and hiring an escort allows them to do so in a way that they might not be able to do with their girlfriend, spouse, or wife. Escorts can provide a plethora of ‘extras’ in order to deliver unique delight and fulfil the clients’ wildest dreams. Of course, each escort is unique, so check out their profile page for a list of extras they offer, or if in question, ask them before booking so you know exactly what is included and what is not.

The following is a list of some of the most typical Melbourne Escort extra services:


(Bondage, dominance and submission/sadomasochism)
If you have watched Fifty Shades of Grey and thought jeez I would love to be in that dominant power role or as a submissive then BDSM could well be a thrill like nothing you have experienced before. You might already be well experienced with BDSM and escorts are a terrific way to fulfil your kinkier fantasies. Some escorts have unique BDSM training and a mastery of the art in a way that delivers the right balance between pain and pleasure. Many escorts understand that clients prefer service providers willing to go the extra mile to help scratch their itch and test the limits of pain and pleasure.

BDSM ranges from standard to full package services based on the sensation the client seeks and the escort’s prowess. During BDSM, the client and the escort agree on a set of safe phrases to signal the start and end of sessions to avoid excessive unintended pain or pleasure.


Nuru Massage and Tantric Sex
If you’re looking for a slippery and smooth erotic massage with an odourless oil that leads to transforming and wonderful sex, look for escorts who have such descriptions on their profiles. Nuru massage and tantric sex blend Japanese and ancient Buddhist and Hindu esoteric meditation components.
Before tantric sexual activities with your Melbourne Escort that harness sexual energy and spread it to all body parts, escorts can begin with an erotic and amazing body to body massage. Tantric sex aims to help the client reunite all six senses through therapeutic relaxation, rather than pleasure. Most escorts provide these services to alleviate their clients’ tension and restore mental peace.

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Anal Sex
Many guys have a strong urge for anal intercourse, which entails fucking women in their asses. Many women in relationships, however, do not like to be fucked in the ass. They may dislike the sensation or having only tried it once or twice before, and because it was painful, they no longer want to attempt it, or they may believe it to be too filthy. Many people may feel unsatisfied and as if they are missing out on something as a result of this. Men sometimes consider a woman’s anus to be a forbidden zone, so when they eventually get it, it’s like conquering new terrain or territory.

Of course, not all escorts enjoy anal sex, and some may refuse to provide it regardless of how much the client is ready to pay. However, there are a huge number of escorts who prefer anal sex and offer it as a ‘add-on’ service. It’s not difficult to find an escort who will provide anal sex, so if you’re missing out on anal sex, escort is definitely worth trying to fulfil your dreams.

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