Taking a Shower Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive

Taking a Shower Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive
We all want to feel clean and look great for a night out, but what if your pre-date shower is standing in the way of your making your best impression?


You’d think dating would be easy considering that science has basically turned dating into a science. For example, researchers have given us a list of the things you should never say on a first date. And science has a pretty strong opinion on the current value of online dating. Science has even come up with some pretty “seductive” theories on why you seem to always go for the same “type.” But what if we told you that dating is a lot simpler than all that—that the secret to successful dating starts with a shower?

Or, more specifically, no shower. That’s right: We’re suggesting that you consider not showering before your next date, and we’ve got three good reasons:

You’re already showering too often, potentially stripping your skin of natural oils that keep it soft and hydrated.

Your shower routine could include soaps and other cleansers that have been scientifically proven to make you less sexy. The active ingredients in antibacterial soaps, namely triclosan and triclocarban—but also 17 others—were potentially dangerous. Melbourne Escort Service have demonstrated that exposure to triclosan has been linked to a decrease in sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. And less of those hormones means a lower sex drive.

Your natural scent is an important part of sexual attraction. A paper published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology that reviewed 73 studies on sexual attractiveness found wide scientific agreement on the notion that attraction is a function of many factors, and especially “body odor.” That’s right, body odor. Your natural scent has been scientifically proven to provide subconscious clues as to who we are and who we belong with.

By slathering ourselves with artificial fragrances, we may be fooling potential mates and cheating ourselves, particularly because it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which artificial fragrance your potential mate might prefer. Research conducted on behalf of AXE body products revealed that in women in different cities prefer different scents on men, some of which would be virtually impossible to find in a grooming product. Therefore, your natural scent may be your most seductive cologne.


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