Types of Role Plays to Try with Box Hill Escort

Role-playing is one of the most sought after erotic activities that men crave for, mostly because of its satisfying nature and high success rates. It is a sexual fantasy that involves two people acting out various roles or characters to turn a sexual fantasy real. Many believe role-playing as a way to give wings to one’s darkest desires to overcome sexual inhibitions or taboos.

Role-plays can also occur over the digital media in which the people involved use chat rooms, internet forums, or video-games to enact various erotic interests remotely. With time, this kind of sensual activity has developed and today, there is a host of them. Each type has its own purpose and is designed to meet the specific needs of a particular personality trait. So, which one is your type? Learn about each role-playing type to know about its features and hire an escort service BoxHill to fulfil your lustful desires!


  • BDSM
    BDSM, an acronym for four kinds of fetishes, including Bondage, Dominance, Submission, and Masochism, is a popular erotic role-play in which the participants play various power positions. In this case, one person takes the lead and dominates the entire act, while the other partner remains submissive to him/her.Some common BDSM acts include tying the submissive person with a rope so that s/he can’t escape. Handcuffs or blindfolds are also used to heighten the moments. The dominating person plays with the partner’s sensitive body parts using hand or sex toys, helping him/her reach orgasm.


  • Age-play
    In this type of role-playing, at least one individual acts much older to the other with the aim of reliving childhood and young adulthood fantasies. Some people have a special fantasy to make love with someone very older or younger and in fact, the very thought of this role-play is quite arousing.


  • Gender-play
    As the name suggests, one or more players act out the roles of the opposite gender to meet certain erotic fantasies. This is generally a part of dominance-submission fetish and involves the reversal of gender roles. Typically, a submissive mate takes a feminine role, mostly through cross-dressing.


  • Prison fetish
    Set in a prison environment, prison fetish generally involves same-sex parties to enact a real-life jail setting. However, opposite gender play can also take place between guards and prison inmates or between other staff. This kind of fetish is best played out using jail uniforms of the respective roles played out.


Examples of Role-play Scenarios
Some examples of role-plays provided by a BoxHill escort service provider are –

  • Doctor/Nurse/Patient: Medical fetishism has always been a favourite for many escorts and clients and is a common role-play act, with the participants playing the characters of doctor, nurse or patient.
  • Executive – Secretary: Boss or executive having a hot secretary is a wonderful match as far as physical intimacy is concerned. Let’s admit, you have imagined making love to your secretary under the table or on top of the billiards table!
  • Teacher – Student: Ever had a crush on your class teacher? Your childhood fantasies are going to come true with your escort playing the teacher and you his/her student.
  • Other examples include:- Escort/Stripper – Client, Handyman – Housewife, Master – Slave, Photographer – Model, Sex doll – Doll owner


To conclude, before hiring an escort service BoxHill, make sure to discuss your preferences and mention whether you are willing to experience any particular fetish or role-play activity. Your companion will surely try to provide you with the desired service.

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