Sex Positions that Give Her Last Longer In Bed

Sex Positions that Give Her Last Longer In Bed This position allows for a lot of g-spot incitement because the tightness created by her legs being closed makes you both feel tingly.


The Hot Seat Sex Position
The difference in the hot seat sex position is something that will stick with you for a long-time during Box Hill Escort Service.

How to do it:
Tell your man to lie on his back with his back facing down, a pillow between his head and shoulders, and his legs slightly spread. While facing the same direction, with your back to his face, lower yourself onto his erect penis. Place your feet on the floor or in your bed between the man’s legs. Lift your behind up and down at your own pace, using both your hands and feet to control your movement.

Pros: This position allows for a lot of g-spot incitement because the tightness created by her legs being closed makes you both feel tingly.


Cowgirl Sex Position
Let Your Box Hill Escort take the lead in this situation. All parties benefit from having sex in this situation because it enables her to stay in control while you enjoy the ride.

How to do it:
Ask her to lean forward while flexing her back and inclining her hands for the ultimate clitoral orgasm. Instead of going up and down, she can move laterally, allowing you to hit the right spots and stimulate her in sensitive areas. Set yourself up straight and pull her close to you to show her some compassion.

Pros: She can choose how she wants to get to orgasm because she is in control.

Doggy Sex Position
The best position for deep penetration in her g-spot during Box Hill Escort Service is in this position.

How to do it:
The person penetrating stands or kneels behind their partner. The person being penetrated gets down on all fours and allows the penetrator to insert their penis into the anus or vagina. It may take some adjusting for some people to find the most comfortable position.

Instead of kneeling on all fours on the bed or the floor, the person being penetrated can bend over a piece of furniture. Keep in mind that the furniture should be positioned so that the man who is penetrating her can be as comfortable as possible.

Another option for doggy sex is for her to lie down flat on her stomach. In this position, placing a pillow under the hips can sometimes create a more pleasurable angle.

This sex position also comes in a standing version. The woman will stand and lean against a wall for support. If all partners are roughly the same height, this will be simpler.

Pros: It is simple to switch between her anus and vagina in the dog sex position.

These sex positions give her the power to stay last longer in bed. Choose the right positions, which you are both most comfortable with to create a pleasurable experience.

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