Different Positions for Different Penis Sizes

Penises come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. And, while you may assume you know what your ideal is, you may not since you haven’t had the chance to try out the others during BoxHill Escort Service. Women have a propensity to freak out when they encounter a penis they aren’t used to seeing. If one looks to be excessively little, broad, curved, or even extremely huge, sex might be a lot less pleasurable. On the other hand, all penises are capable of producing amazing orgasms. The only thing left for you to do now is figure out what you’re going to do with them.

For various penis sizes, here are some diverse positions.

The V-Sit
This position is great for men who have larger penises. For the same reason that lifting a woman’s hips allows for deeper penetration, allowing him to enter from above enables him to regulate the depth of his thrusts during BoxHill Escort Service. This position, while requiring some flexibility on your side, may be changed by the area you choose to attempt it on. The objective is to keep his hips level or slightly downward pushing. Depending on his size, he may still need to be careful not to thrust too deeply for your pleasure, but ideally, you’ll discover a surface that puts him exactly where he needs to be.

The Rocking Horse
Guys with a larger build can be scary, which is why women appreciate the intimacy of this pose. All woman-on-top sex positions give you more control over the depth than others, but it happens to be one of the most comfortable ways to have your spouse underneath for a slower love-making session. This position also allows for your partner to use a hand-held vibrator to further stimulate you.

Doggy Style
If you’re having a night with a guy who has a tiny penis during BoxHill Escort Service, this is another wonderful position. There’s a reason why the doggie posture is so popular. It can also apply to any variation of the position when both parties are kneeling and he enters from behind. He’ll be able to penetrate you considerably deeper while you’re supported by your hands or dropped onto your arms than if you have a bigger penis. The best part about this position is that you can keep this amazing angle whether he’s bending you over a low piece of furniture or leaning forwards over your back for a much more personal position, and you’ll be able to clitorally excite yourself.

The Butterfly
This is a terrific posture for you if you come across a guy with a smaller penis than the average guy. You’re undoubtedly aware that using a cushion to raise your hips allows for more penetration than resting flat. This posture creates the best angle, whether he’s squatting on the floor or you’re reclining on a higher platform while he stands. Because your arms and abdominal muscles help support your body, neither position should be more challenging than the other; it only depends on your partner’s height and the surface you choose to perform this on.

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