Sex Positions That Can Help You Lose Calories

I’m sure you’re aware that sex is a sort of exercise. According to research, you should exercise for roughly 20 minutes each day to be healthy. What better method to burn calories than via sexual activity? The amount of exercise you get in bed is determined by how active you are in bed; a robust romp will provide more outcomes than a leisurely and sensuous romp. So why not try out some acrobatic and athletic postures with your clients during Melbourne Escort Service while staying in shape? When you think about it, it’s a win-win situation: it burns fat while also providing mind-blowing orgasms for your clients and you. In no particular order, here are some sure sex positions to help you burn those calories.


The Cowgirl
Known to offer one of the best orgasms to the partner on top. The partner on top can assert more control; if you are on top, you can determine how deep you want penetration to be and the level of straddling. In Cowgirl, the core muscles, leg, and butt muscles are engaged, giving both partners maximum workout session while still having sex with Melbourne Escort Service.


The Reverse Cowgirl
Like the Cowgirl position, the partner on top benefits more from this ‘’sexercise’’ as you are in control and thus can put all your body weight on your legs. Your abdominal muscles, inner thighs, and butt muscles are stretched and strengthened in this position. This position results in some form of cardio workout. If you are on top, you can lose up to137 calories in fat in half an hour while the partner below loses just 48 calories in the same duration.


The Doggy style
In this position, the bottom partner engages their triceps, quadriceps, glutes, shoulders, and upper back muscles as your arms are used to support yourself on all fours; holding the wall can increase the number of calories burned from a mere 98 to about 118.

A man or the penetrating partner involved in the doggy style will lose calories of about 150 and can even burn more if you increase the tempo. Giving a more intensive romp.

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The Butter Churner
It is a more challenging position than others, but the amount of calories you would lose is a lot higher, no pain, no gain, right?. As the bottom partner, you lie on your back or belly, folding your body in half with your ass to the air, facing the ceiling, and your head flat to the ground. The top partner stands and squats over, inserting the penis or the toy. In this position, every muscle is stretched and engaged, while the top partner gets some cardio workouts as they will be thrusting; the bottom partner’s core muscles are stretched and strengthened. This position allows for super-deep penetration and gives the bottom partner an explosive orgasm during Melbourne Escort Service.


The Squat
The Squat is the king of all positions; if you have mastered the cowgirl position, this will be a breeze for you. As the top partner,  your feet are on the bed instead of your knees as in the cowgirl position. This position will help you burn more calories than the bottom partner, as you will be engaging your core muscles, legs and glutes. The more your squats, the stronger your thighs become. However, if you are trying this position for the first time, you need to know that it’s not always pleasurable on the first try; you will feel a little pain. But subsequently, the pleasure overrides the pain.


As earlier stated, every one of the positions is a physical activity and can be strenuous too. Therefore if your client has any health issue or injury, please do not try these moves. Remember, there are other ways to lose calories.

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