Agency vs. Independent Escorts in Melbourne – What is the Difference?

Most of us make unrealistic expectations from adult workers without realising their capabilities and limits. Some of us also fail to realise that the kinds of services rendered largely depend upon the escort we are hiring. On your visit to Melbourne, you may not always know about the subtle differences between various escorts, especially agency escorts and independent escorts.

But before you face any embarrassing situations or feel that your expectations are not being met, you must know how they differ from each other. Here are the top 5 differences between agency and independent escort service in Melbourne that you must know before hiring any.

1. Experience
Independent escorts are generally in the adult industry for more number of years and hence, are more experienced. Additionally, they are quite professional and are committed to their services. Independent escorts also know about business ethics and are here for the long term.

Agencies usually don’t have staff working for long and the escorts working for them keep changing from time to time. Also, many agency workers are interns and are under training periods, meaning that they won’t have much expertise in any fetish.

2. Trustworthiness
Independent escorts are more trustworthy and would put up their real photos and details. Moreover, they will do exactly as they have promised and would ensure that you are completely satisfied and get what you had expected.

An agency escort, on the other hand, might make false promises and say that a particular companion would provide X, Y, Z services, which she has no experience in or has clearly refused to do while joining the agency. Yes, there are good agencies as well who really lure by their promises. But there are many who don’t and customers fall prey to fake claims. So, beware of that and check out for genuine testimonials.

3. Value-for-money
Agencies offer much cheaper rates and their escort services often are available at highly competitive prices. However, there are chances that the quality may not be apt and may fail to gratify the clients’ thirst. Moreover, agency workers might also make an upsell personally with the client once the deal is done, without letting the agency know about it (because they generally don’t make much living). This creates discrepancies and leads to stressful situations for the client.

However, it is not the case with independent girls as they never compromise with their quality. This answers why their hourly rates are a bit higher than you would find for any Melbourne outcall escort service. In short, they provide high-class services and it is worth paying for it. Also, independent escorts won’t charge you anything extra other than the amount discussed.

4. Discretion
There is a good side to agency workers. They offer discrete services and maintain privacy, mostly out of pressure from the agency they work for. Besides, agency escorts don’t have to worry about making their own setup, which is the job of the particular agency, and therefore, the chances of making mistakes are less.

Whereas, even though most independent escorts are trustworthy, some of them don’t take care of the clients’ safety. And since they need to take care of everything alone, there may be a probability that some aspects are being left out.

5. Gallery
With agencies, you can make a selection from an extensive gallery of girls according to your taste, personal preferences and personality traits. You can also filter your search results as per your location, nationality of the girl, her name, her eye colour, her bust size, and many more.

But with an independent escort, you only have one lady whose details and photos you can check from her website or social media profile page. You can choose from a variety of services she provides or the total incall or outcall hours. But you don’t have the choice of selecting your desired mate.

To conclude, both agency and independent escorts in Melbourne have their own merits and demerits. In the end, it is you who needs to decide and consider your preferences. But before hiring any service, make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly and discuss things like the menu, the rates, and the past experiences of the girl.

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