Is Excessive Fitness Stopping Some Men from Having Kids?

With Escorts Agency Australia male infertility rates on the rise, we take a look at the role fitness plays on sperm counts and speak candidly with MH Elite Coach Faisal Abdalla about he and his partner’s struggle to conceive

In May of this year, Faisal Abdalla announced to his 88,000 Instagram Australia Escort Service followers that he and his partner, Louise, were expecting their second child. Great news, but nothing earth shattering. Except for Faisal and Louise it was, because for years they’d been told they would struggle to conceive, partly due to Faisal’s low sperm count – something he acknowledged on Instagram for the first time. “Yup that’s right Mr. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) has a low sperm count!” he wrote.

Three days later, Faisal decided to explore the topic in more depth, posting again about his struggles to conceive. “I wasn’t expecting to share details about my sperm with the world this week, but here I am,” he began. “I mentioned in our Escort Agency Melbourne pregnancy announcement about my low sperm count… I can’t be an ambassador for @menshealthuk and stay silent on such a massive men’s health issue.”

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Faisal went on to explain that low sperm counts are very common among Melbourne CBD escorts men, and especially so in the fitness industry, pointing to factors such as his muscle mass upsetting his BMI, and “Prolonged exposure to high temperatures while teaching and training, tight training shorts, large quantity of soy products consumed, lots of sitting in a saddle while training.”

“It’s all a recipe for disaster really when it comes to baby making,” he explained.

Almost 1,400 people ‘liked’ the post. Comments included handclaps, hearts, the odd ‘Amen bro’, and deeper outpourings of empathy, including one person who wrote “As someone who is struggling with fertility, thank you for using your platform to help educate your followers” and another who explained his and his partner’s struggle with unexplained secondary infertility. In short, men, and their partners, were beginning to talk about something that has long been overlooked, ignored, shrugged off, or outright denied: the difficulty even healthy men can have trying to conceive.


The Rise of Escort Agency Box Hill Male Infertility

According to experts Fertility Family, “Infertility affects around 1 in 7 heterosexual couples in the UK. Generally, 30% of fertility problems are due to the man, 30% due to the woman and 30-40% are due to both or unknown reasons.” Meanwhile, IVI points out that infertility rates in the UK are rising, with a study of 120,000 men discovering that “the percentage of men who are at risk of needing fertility treatment has increased quite dramatically from 12.4% in 2004 to 21.3% in 2017” – possibly due to social factors like women delaying having families until they’re older, and environmental factors such as overheating through overuse of saunas, and laptops.


The Men Who Use Sperm Donors

Faisal and Louise first decided to try for a child seven years ago, when he was 30. But their initial attempts were met with very little success. A trip to the doctors followed in which it was revealed Faisal’s sperm count was near zero, and he had very few ‘active swimmers’. “I was like ‘How the fuck is that possible, how can you have zero?’” he recalls now.

More tests followed, but none returned positive news. “Louise was devastated, it was the end of the world for her,” Faisal says. “We had body clock worries and financial worries.” But, known for his positive mental attitude, Faisal says after a few days of shock, he didn’t let the bad news sink in. “I don’t accept shit like that,” he explains.


Fitness & Fertility… It’s Complicated

A fertility specialist pointed to a possible cause. “She asked me what my profession was,” Faisal recalls. “I told her I’m a fitness coach. She asked what I wore, and I told her that for the past four years I’ve been wearing tight gym-wear – leggings and shorts – for 12-16 hours a day, six days a week. She was like ‘Oh, okay. The compression is not good, the heat’s not good.’ I think this combination of heat and compression was the biggest factor for why my fertility was so low.”

Faisal isn’t exaggerating his commitment to gym-wear: as well as being a Men’s Health Elite Coach, he’s also a fitness coach at Sweat-by-BXR, and online trainer at WithU Training, and an ambassador for Nocco and PhD Diet. Oh, and he’s one of the founders of, and head coach, at online training platform PMA Fitness, of which his wife, Louise is CEO. All of which has proven great for his physique, mental approach, and career. But less so for his sperm.

“I remember at school, learning why the ballsack was created to hang low, it’s to keep the sperm cool,” Faisal says. “Her assessment made complete sense to me. I’m a hot-blooded male – I radiate heat. I sometimes do two workouts a day, and I’m always training clients, I’m always active. It didn’t come as a shock to me that that could be one of the main reasons. The temperature down there is killing your sperm.”

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