Is Excessive Fitness Stopping Some Men from Having Escorts Agency Australia Kids?

Typically, this is the sort of thing pro-cyclists are told to worry about, but it can affect everyone. It’s been well studied, with one experiment finding that “the removal of wet heat exposure [i.e. saunas, baths and hot tubs] resulted in improvement in semen quality in nearly one-half of subjects studied.”

But it isn’t just about tight-fitting shorts, or post-gym saunas. While exercise is generally considered a panacea, over-doing it might be detrimental to your little swimmers – whether you’re wearing tight shorts or letting it all hang out. “According to a recent study, over-exercising may be detrimental to sperm production, hypothalamus–pituitary–gonadal axis (HPT) function, increased oxidative stress and chronic inflammation,” explains Olivia Musa from the Australia Escort Service Male Fertility Clinic. Consequently, these underlying effects result in a low-testosterone production, and reduced Escort Agency Melbourne semen quality, and can lead to infertility.”

Then again, conversely, there’s plenty to suggest Melbourne CBD escorts exercise can help. Musa points to studies that show “in the case of patients who are suffering from infertility due to lifestyle-induced causes such as obesity and diabetes, exercise, by increasing testicular antioxidant defence, reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines level and enhancing the steroidogenesis process, leads to improved spermatogenesis and semen quality.” What’s more, men with a higher cardiorespiratory fitness have an increased sperm count and concentration.

Of course, not Escort Agency Box Hill everyone with an interest in fitness struggles to conceive. Farren Morgan, head coach at The Tactical Athlete, says he had a routine sperm count done in his 20s before he got married. “It wasn’t great,” he explains. “But, I had it done again in my early 30s after consistent training and healthy eating, and it was 100x better.”

Clearly, it’s complicated. Musa stresses that professional and recreational athletes may have different experiences. Thankfully – and rightly – Faisal didn’t blame himself for his low count. His dedication to maintaining a PMA helped. But, he says, it did make him question himself – if only for a short while. “For about a day, it made me a little bit less of a man,” he says. “I’m big, I’m strong, I’m an alpha male. I thought it would be easy to conceive a child, so for a day or so I thought it was shit.”

It turns out that Faisal’s approach may well have helped in the long-run. As Professor Geeta Nargund, medical director of CREATE Fertility, explains, while struggling to conceive can have a negative effect, it goes both ways, and being in a negative mental space can also impact your ability to conceive. “Whilst experiencing fertility issues deeply affect both men and women’s mental wellbeing, there is also evidence to suggest that mental health problems such as stress can lead to reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, and also lower sperm quality. If you are prescribed medication for mental health problems, it is important to check with your doctor if the medication could have an impact on fertility.”


A Urologist Talks Boxers v Briefs for Sperm Health

“Just like general health, fertility health can be affected by lifestyle choices, so there are a number of steps men can take to help protect and, in some cases, improve their natural fertility,” Professor Nargund continues. “Regular exercise, in particular, has been found to have a positive effect on male fertility – with evidence suggesting that a sedentary lifestyle can have a bearing on sperm production and quality. Exercise can in turn also help achieve a healthy body weight, which is particularly important given research shows a connection between obesity and reduced sperm function.”


Infertility Doesn’t Mean You Should Suffer in Silence

Faisal and Louise’s story ultimately has a happy(ish) ending. Around five years ago, just as they were looking at IVF, Louise became pregnant. Their first child is now four years old. Then, last year, the couple suffered a miscarriage. But, determined to conceive a second child, they sought out a different doctor who shared Faisal’s positive attitude and prescribed a list of supplements for the couple, including DHEA, aspirin, folic acid, and COQ10 for Louise, and ProXeed Plus for Faisal (according to its website, this product works to protect sperm from oxidative stress, as well as improving sperm count, motility, speed, and morphology).

Faisal stresses that this is what was prescribed for their specific issues, and may not be suitable for everyone. But it worked. After three months Louise became pregnant, and their second child is due in September.

What else might work? Musa explains that many people experiencing symptoms of low testosterone are now turning to testosterone replacement therapies, while getting enough sleep, taking supplements containing zinc and magnesium, and eating a clean, varied diet are natural ways to boost your testosterone levels.


12 of the Best Foods to Boost Testosterone

If you’re doing all the right things and still not seeing results, Professor Nargund stresses that “it takes the body nearly three months to create new sperm, so if you and your partner are planning to try for a baby soon, it may be a good idea to opt to transition towards healthier lifestyle choices a few months beforehand, if you can.”

Faisal acknowledges how lucky he and Louise are, and says that friends of his have since admitted they are going through the same issues. The outpouring of support on Instagram made him realise how common a problem this is, too.

“The response to my post was amazing, but 99% of it was from women on behalf of their husbands,” says Faisal. “‘Oh, we’re going through the same thing, but my husband won’t talk about it’. It’s a real taboo subject but one that shouldn’t be. People just celebrate the highlights; they don’t put bad shit on Instagram. We’re never taught how to talk about this,” he says. “But that’s changing. It’s generational. My son, when he’s older, he’ll be equipped by our teachings to be able to talk about his emotions.”

Reading this article, reading Faisal’s posts, may have struck a chord. A low sperm count is a problem that any man (and non-gender specific people who can produce sperm) may have to deal with. Thankfully, Faisal has some final words of advice: “If you’re reading this and you’re struggling. Get your sperm checked, and never, ever, ever give up. No matter what science tells you, you have to believe and have faith.”

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